You lay down to a chorus of unzipping 

Waking up to the sound of t. shirts ripping 

It comes undone, you come undone 

She poured me a Lemsip for the cough I was suppressing 

Stuck me in a little moonshine of her own concocting 

It comes undone, you come undone 

253 from Camden Town 

Swollen lips and swaying hips 

Hide me in the shadows 

First class, class A  

It comes undone, you come undone 

You lay down to a chorus of unzipping 

Waking up to the sound of t. shirts ripping 

It comes undone, you come undone

© Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 



You took a cable car down to Fisherman’s Wharf and there was 

A man handing out tickets down to the next ferry out and you jumped 

It was  

The past 

Slowly dying 

I took the train down to Haight Ashbury again 

There was a man handing out stickers that said 

I love San Francisco 

It was  

The smell 

And the taste 

See the sunset from the boat 

See Golden Gate bridge afloat 

There goes 

There goes, Alcatraz 

Halloween parties and fancy dress 

Giant pumpkins and distress 

It would end 

© Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 


Come Down

I know you like to come and go as you please 

You’re too much, of a match for me. 

I promise not to propose, you take off all of your clothes 

You were right, it’s not so black and white. 

I’m not the only one looking for freedom 

Not the only one, holding out for the right one. 

For all you know, I’ve been here before. 

Five years ago to the day,  

I crossed this threshold in another way 

Drunk and gibberish it was just like this. 

Same old story and I can’t resist 

I’m a sucker for the kiss 

For all you know 

I’ve been here before 

The same front door, the back garden wall was falling down on the one side 

The same bedroom, the carpet stains paint pictures of you  

You were, hopelessly trying to forget. 

Come Down, don’t worry about it’s just the come round 

Don’t think about it honey come down 

We can get each other through the come round. 

Can only last for so long, that’s alright with me 

You can only hold on so long 

You’re too much, of a match for me 

Honey you’re too much 

Come down, it’s just the come round 


Come Round 

© Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 



You called  

His bluff  

And he raised the stakes 

Ask not  

What he has 

But what you want 

In the corner of your eye you’ll see 

He’s got nothing on your hand 

And you fold 

Call to his loan 

And the brakes are off 

Who will stop the fire  

When the gloves come off 

In the corner of your mouth 

You’ll taste 

Sweet sweet victory 

He’s got nothing on your hand 

And you Fold 

You share 


Time dares 

To bend 

Your arm  

Regardless of the qualms 


The Storm 

Or who 

Lost or won 

When you 

Have it all 

There must be 



© Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 



No more abuse 

No more anger 

No more under appreciating 

No more Tears 

No more misunderstanding 

No more hating without knowing 

No more pretending 

No more Fear 

The day breaks and it takes 

You a long, long time to rise 

These days 

Got to break this spell that binds you 

Doesn’t take too long to find you 

Thought I was beyond you 

You thought I was above you 

But I am 

No better or worse than you are 

No more or less than you 

The day breaks and it takes 

You a long, long time to rise 

Got to break this spell that binds you 

Doesn’t take too long to find you 

So I will forget about them 

Just me and you 

They don’t have a clue 

About you like I do 

But they’ll see it too    

© Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 


Hey George

Hey George, do you know they’ve got CCTV all over this town 

In your fictional world 

Post war forties on the fourth floor, do you see them looking in? 

Do you see them looking  


Day and night. 

She went to buy, a loaf of bread, they stole the bike that knocked her dead 

To the left it was looking instead 

Not even a  


Of a number plate 

Call stop the clock tower, the desk is burning 

We are yearning no more 

Call to the Watch Tower, I’ve got my eye on you 

Day and night 

Do you see the cameras shift 

A hundred cameras but the killers go free, no 

They can’t see through 

Fibre glass and plastic 

Welcome to Big Brother Street 

It’s a great place to come and meet 


© 2010 Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 



An unexpected flutter of butterflies as your hand touches mine and your eyes 

Even more surprised. 

I tiptoed when I kissed you love 

But I refuse to let you love 

Keep haunting me from afar 

So I dig my heels in to the ground 

Try to love the one I found 

And I do 

I do love you but 

The guilt weighs heavy on my soul 

The more I write, the more I know 


More than this 

All reason goes 

Out the window when you’re head over heels in love 


© 2009 Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 



I slipped through the cover of your milky way 

The bubble just burst and shed light on this day 

The spell long since broken now words you have spoken haunt and inspire and outline the change 

Perfectly calm, my hands shaking 

Fluorescent lights I see white and I’m taking 

One more step into your world 

And there’s nothing left to confess this time 

When you’re out of line 

You know they’ll keep your secret just fine 

So you’ll kiss each other on New Year’s Eve 

In the bathroom of a  

Kings Cross Pub, while her girlfriend is over there 

Dancing at the bar 

Letting down her hair 

As they play sing star 

You’ll confess to me with a hint of remorse 

But you won’t do it again, no. 

Only on birthdays or anniversaries 

When you’re drunk or high on crushed up pills 

Only when you feel like it 

Only if they never know and they  

Never can tell 

Coz you keep a secret so well 

No, you won’t. 

Only, when you’re drunk and you’re feeling strange 

When you’re high and her face has changed 

Tell her where your hands have been 

© Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved 


Made Your Bed

There aint nothing you could do 

Nothing you can say 

You made your bed now lay 

All I wanna do 

All I wanna do is 

Take you home 

Wrap you up 

Make you warm and fix you up some 


I can’t fix you 

Can’t heal your pain 

Now, now is the time and  

Now, I wanna run away and hide 

Now, I’ve got to break through  

to the other side 

And all the writing on the wall says 

Go left, go right 

Go up, go down, go anywhere you want  

All I wanna do is 

Close the door 

Leave you there 

Walk away and never care again 

And you make it so easy  


© Ciara Clifford 

All Rights Reserved